Troubleshooting the Intermittent Check Engine Light

On. Off. On. What Could Be the Problem?

You’re aware of the check engine light, and you’ve likely even seen it illuminate in your vehicle before. However, what do you make of one that goes on and off? This presentation may indeed indicate something different than a steady, solid warning. It’s important to know the difference and get assistance with appropriate repairs to remedy the situation. For help with your check engine light situation, bring your vehicle to James Automotive Group in Springfield, MO.

Knowing the Differences is Important

While it might seem that any check engine light illumination is the same on the surface level, it’s important to recognize the difference. Most often, you will see the light come on and remain on. This steady presentation indicates that your automobile needs attention, but it is not an emergency. You’ll need to bring your car in for service soon so that we can connect to your auto’s OBD-II port to obtain a trouble code. The warning may reference a myriad of issues ranging from a loose gas cap to a bad oxygen sensor, failing spark plugs, or even an exhaust/emissions problem. But what if the light does something atypical? What if it’s going on and off? That’s when you need to take a good mental note of exactly what the dashboard lamp is doing. Suppose it comes on and remains solid for a time before going back off, repeating that pattern later. In that case, you likely have either some loose wiring or a computer (electronic control unit or ECU) glitch. If the light goes on and off with bumps in the road, it’s almost surely a jiggling wire. This needs addressing as soon as possible. However, if the check engine light blinks on and off at regular intervals, your engine may have a serious problem. Potential results might include a damaged catalytic converter or exhaust system. If you observe this flashing pattern, bring your car for service immediately, not at leisurely convenience.

Check Engine Light Repair Near You

As you can see, it’s possible to have more than one check engine light presentation. It’s important to recognize the differences so that you can get help before damage occurs, if applicable. To check engine light diagnostics and repair near you, look no further than James Automotive Group.